Our Goal

DriveTime Apologetics is more than just a 15 to 30-minute commute length podcast & live Wednesday call-in show from our studios. Our goal is to help you “Put the drive into your Apologetics” through :
  • Discipleship – Helping raise the next generation of Biblical Christ followers.
  • Knowledge of God’s Holy Word and how to apply it to your life.
  • Apologetics Training you how to defend your faith and bring your defense back to the Gospel.
  • Polemics – Training you how to defend your faith inside the church against those teaching false teachings and false teachers.
  • Evangelism – We proudly and bold preach Christ without restriction and want you to reach others with the message of truth, Hope & Good News. We want to help tell you to become bold in your outreach to others about their need for Jesus and the only Salvation found through Him.

We help you achieve this through a multifaceted approach. At DriveTime Apologetics we offer podcasts, live shows, videos, blogs & articles that will keep you informed, empowered & educated on what is happening in Christianity today & help you have a clear biblical worldview.