Standing For Your Faith Will Cost You

Screenshot of Stand for your faith - Google SearchWhen you stand for your faith expect to get resistance. Standing for your faith will cost you cost you and should cost you something. In today’s evangelical climate there are a lot of “christians’ that want a faith that will cost them nothing. These small “c” christians are unwilling or unable to defend their faith because they themselves do not understand what they believe. It is hard to defend something you know little or near nothing about.

In this episode of DriveTime Apologetics, Richard Haas makes it clear the need to know what you believe and to be able to defend it.  We can not afford to sit quietly on the sidelines and let others tell us what we should be believing and do as Christians. It is time that we stand firm with the Word of God and do what it tells us. As Christians, we are in trouble in this country and we only have ourselves to blame. We have for too long allowed false teachers, false teachings, and cults to infiltrate our churches. It is time we start to stand and tell these wolves “get off my lawn.”

Listen to “When You Stand For Biblical Truth It Will Cost You Something —Stand & Fight!” on Spreaker.