What Is Atheism?

PictureWhat is Atheism? The word atheism means,”the doctrine or belief that there is no God.” While Atheist will state that they have a “lack of faith” this is not the case. Atheism is a religion in the sense that it requires its adherents to believe necessary tenets in the development of their worldview.

A basic premise of Atheism is that they do not believe that God is the Creator, and they reject all the world’s religious customs, disciplines, and theologies as diversions. In the plainest sense, Atheist is that naturalist who believes that everything that exists can be explained in terms of physics, chemistry, and biology. Atheist believe that Humans were not formed in God’s image. Instead, they evolved from a lower life form due to the combination of chance and natural laws presented in  Evolution and Darwinism.

Many atheists perceive religion as a social hinderance that limits people from being able to reach their full human potential. Atheism teaches that religion can be seen as being established as a control mechanism from religious leaders and government authorities to control the masses.  They argue that there is no soul, supernatural salvation, no angel, no demons, and no afterlife. The Bible can’t be divinely inspired, because there is no divine Author. Instead, the Bible is merely collections of prescientific superstitions that can be refuted by discoveries of science.

Atheists have been a distinct minority throughout history, but they can be found beginning with some of the pre-Socratic philosophers. Here in the Americas Atheism gained its foundation in the Enlightenment, as free thinkers. With Darwin’s theory of natural selection, Athiest’s declared their independence from divine design. Atheism promotes its self as enlightened, liberating, and free of superstition.  This claim by the atheists is far from factual and its self-based on superstitions and half-truths.